Attending 2017 Short Courses Training at ICD

ICD offers practical results oriented shorts courses aimed at developing the capacities of individuals and organisations. Delegates are taken through participatory sessions that also cover study visits for purposes of benchmarking. It is this approach that makes ICD the preferred centre of excellence in training and capacity building. ICD is flexibility in customising course content and changing dates to meet specific groups also fits well with different organisations schedules. 

The Institute for Capacity Development (ICD)’s focus on results based short courses training has made it an institution of choice in Training. International institutions like United Nations, World Bank, USAID, and United States of America Government; UNMISS; UNMID; COMESA; ECOWAS; EAC; NEPAD; IGAD and governments in Africa and in the middle east and Asia have send their staff for training at ICD. ICD values the professional output of employees at the workplace. The output and delivery is focused towards ultimately making a difference in people's lives. This applies to private companies, Government, parastatals, NGOs and all other development partners. This is where ICD is different from the rest in terms of its delivery. The Management training is focused towards achieving results at the work place. Results that will filter into effective policy delivery and implementation. So individuals; institutions and government come to ICD for the results based short course training; conferences and Workshops. Chose ICD  for your unique and enriching training experience. At ICD you will experience:

ICD is acutely aware of and up-to-date with these changes thanks to our close partnerships with industry and private and government sectors. Our short courses are continually reviewed to ensure they are keeping pace with these changes, reflect the real world and provide the skills employers are demanding.

How Short is Short?

Duration of a short course can vary, ranging from one or two days, to several months. Most of ICD short course are done over 5 days or 10 days depending on the training area. 

Customized Short Courses

ICD also has extensive experience in customizing short courses for corporate delivery, focusing on flexible-training solutions. We can work with you to identify the specific learning needs that are linked to business goals, then design and develop flexible learning and assessment strategies that meet the outcomes you specify.

Assessment and Articulation

Our strengths in work-based learning and adult Learning education can benefit you and your organization. We are able to:

  1. Develop appropriate assessment - linked to learning strategies - that validate the achievement of outcomes
  2. Apply a wide range of ICD recognition processes for the learning gained in short courses

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