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Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) is a non partisan independent Management training and development institution. ICD was founded on the need to continuously capacitate the skills of decision makers in Government, Parastatals, NGOs, the Private sector, CBOs and all other development based institutions.

The requisite skills and important for correct implementation of policy which will ultimately matter in the Social and Economic growth of Economies and the reduction of poverty and empowerment of people. All ICD programs take cognizance of the dynamic nature of different fields and hence the need to come up with contemporary solutions to problems using current methodologies. Information Technology Skills and the Application of Computers are mainstreamed in almost all ICD programs.

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Saturday, 22 February 2020

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Our Vision is to be a leader in Results Based skills enhancing   Management Training and to be recognized as a center of capacity   Development by development stakeholders

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To develop and enhance sustainable capacity skills development for Growth, poverty reduction and empowerment. ICD Values honest, integrity, quality and professionalism.

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At ICD we promise all our clients in Management Training, Research and Consultancy an enriching and rewarding experiencing that is results driven and focused towards achieving development.

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The Importance of education

  • Category: Blog
  • Published: Monday, 08 May 2017 06:54
  • Written by Mr C
  • Hits: 636

The importance of education


There comes a time in life where we all wonder, is a education really worth the time, money and effort. While continuing education may not be as exciting as other things in life, the benefits are life-long. Some people argue that not all opportunities require you to have an education, that might be correct yes, but unfortunately if you want to have a high income position you will require an education. Imagine yourself being an employer, you have advertised an position for a marketing agent, you have two cv's in front of you, one of them, has for example grade 12 and nothing else, perhaps he/she has done some odd jobs. Applicant B has grade 12 and has completed a course on marketing, a course on internet marketing etc. As an employer, who only wants the best for the company, you are going to go with applicant B, it does not mean he is better than applicant A but having completed courses in the field, you believe he will know what to do and that he will perform better than applicant A.

Education also assists with building confidence, it is easy to "fake it until you make it" But eventually people will start noticing that you are in way over your head. I would personally rather know what I am doing and be confident in my capabilities because I know I have studied this, I have mastered this and I know how to handle this. We all want to secure our future, these days the marketplace is extremely competitive and downsizing is becoming more and more common, and unfortunately as much as it seems unfair, an employer is going to have to choose between who to keep and who to let go, put yourself in his/her shoes, if you have to lay off someone, who are you going to let go? The employee with an decent education that works hard? Or the employee that does menial work. Unfortunately that is how business works, the CEO has to ensure that he is trusting the business in the best hands.

Furthering education increases your chance of a better lifestyle. We live in a world where the better your education is, the better the position is that you will get, and the better your salary scale will be, this might seem unfair to most, but this is reality, that is how the world works. Educating yourself ensures that you have a excellent chance of "making" it in the business world, and living a comfortable lifestyle. Just something to think about..

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