Professional Certification

The Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) offers a broad range of courses. The courses are not exhaustive as a number are offered on a client request basis. ICD welcomes your input in developing courses that address your specific requirements. Through education, research, and policy analysis ICD hopes to be a catalyst for developing the human and material potential of Africans. In the delivery of courses ICD challenges policies that have led to the stagnation of Africa's development and offers alternative strategies towards continental self-sufficiency.

The Following Broad Courses are on offer:

  1. Computing and Information Technology Management (CITM
  2. Economic Management and Development Policy (EMDP)
  3. Energy and Sustainable Development ( EASD )
  4. Finance and Financial Management (FAFM)
  5. Health, Safety and Environmental Management (HSEM)
  6. Human Resources and Organisational Development (HROD)
  7. Land Agriculture and Food Security (LAFS)
  8. Logistics, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (LPSM)
  9. Marketing and Business Management (MABM)
  10. Microfinance and Enterprise Development (MAED)
  11. Project and Contracts Management (PACM)
  12. Secretarial and Office Administration (SAOM)