Zimbabwe VISA Requirements and Procedures

When coming to ICD Zimbabwe, a Visa to enter Zimbabwe is required by several nationalities, please read the full details on www.zimimmigration.gov.zw/index.php/visa-application-requirements

There are 3 categories:

To apply online you need

    1. Completed online application form you can access on https://www.evisa.gov.zw/
    2. Passport photos (two) – staple one to each form
    3. Valid passport
    4. If traveling on business: letter of invitation from Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) nshowing you are going to Zimbabwe for short course or conference on company letterhead, flight itinerary, hotel reservation confirmation (two of each) – staple one to each form; if traveling for pleasure: flight itinerary, tour itinerary, hotel reservation confirmation, hunting permit (two of each) – staple one to each form. If staying at a private residence, include letter of invitation and host’s proof of residency  – current lease agreement or recent water/electric bill showing host’s name and address as printed on the application form (two of each) – staple one to each form
    5. Fees:

Single Entry Visa per person


Double Entry Visa per person


Fees are non-refundable. To determine if you need a visa to enter Zimbabwe or if you are eligible to apply at the port of entry in Zimbabwe, see “Visa Regime” http://zimbabwe-embassy.us/consular.html (Category A and B nationals may apply for a visa upgrade to Double or Multiple Entry at the port of entry in Zimbabwe)

  1. Processing time is 7 business days from receipt of application for Category A and B nationals, and 4 weeks for Category C nationals (see “Visa Regime” http://zimbabwe-embassy.us/consular.html)
  2. Upon review of submitted application, we may require additional supporting documents or processing time