VISA and Accommodation Information

For your course attendance ICD assists you with VISA and accommodation information which allows you make decisions. Such information varies from time to time and our team makes sure the available information is as upto date as possible. We provide the details together with the acceptance letters and delegates are free to ask for further details including hotel/guesthouse bookings

There a many hotels and guest houses participants can book in during their stay in Namibia. We provide you with a short list of the accommodation options and secure provisional bookings. Upon arrival you will be accorded the opportunity to make your final choice depending on preference. ICD prefer that you chose your accommodation that is not not more than 5km from the training venue. This is convenient for your daily travels to and from ICD. ICD provides free transport only to the delegates staying withing a radius of 5km from the training venue.

Participants are responsible for their health and insurance cover for the duration of the course at ICD. You are encouraged to make proper arrangements for medical and insurance cover while attending the course. ICD provides transport should the need arises.

Participants who come for ICD short course are taken on guided excursions around ICD selected places. For all our Centres Zimbabwe; Namibia and South Africa delegates are taken out for excursions.

The Changes in the global market have generally resulted in high prices for basic commodities and accommodation. Generally one needs between US$25 – US$30 on food and US$55 on accommodation per day. Depending on preference one may need to budget more for hotels and less on budget Guest houses. Please note that these rates are indicative and do vary depending on individual preference and Tourism season. Participants should check with their local travel urgent for up to information in addition to what we provide as ICD.

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