ICD Course Cancellation Policy

ICD Course Cancellation Policy

  1. Introduction
    • By registering for any course or workshop with the Institute for Capacity Development, you the client acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree with this Course Cancellation Policy.
    • The fact that ICD will have planned for and incurred expenses in anticipation of your participation in the training course will serve as adequate consideration for your assent to this policy.
  1. Purpose
    • The Institute for Capacity development is committed to ensuring delivery of high quality management development training courses to all professionals.
    • The purpose of this policy is to maximize our attendance capacity in all courses and workshops.
    • The cancellation policy will take effect from the 1st of October 2012 and shall apply to all courses and workshops coordinated and delivered by the Institute for Capacity development.
    • This policy will be reviewed by the ICD Board on an annual basis.
  1. Policy Statement
    • Effective from 1st of October 2012, ICD will implement a cancellation policy to recover costs incurred from non-attendance, change of mind or deciding to leave early before training is completed.
    • If a delegate fails to attend training, without prior notice, charges will be incurred, unless there are extenuating circumstances.
    • Cancellation or transfer requests must be made in writing (email, letter or fax) and reach the ICD Coordination office 30 days before the course commencement date. A full refund less 10% administration fee will be given. Delegates who cancel less than 30 days before the course commencement date, or who do not attend, are liable to pay the full course fee and no refunds will granted. If you wish to transfer to a different course within a 6 month period you will be invoiced a 25% additional charge to transfer your registration and any difference in course price. You will not incur any additional charges if you wish to send a replacement delegate to the initial course you registered for and your registration meets the above terms.
    • It is the responsibility of the client to choose the course they are interested in and ICD shall deliver training based on the guidelines of the course outline.
    • Flights and hotel accommodation should only be purchased when our logistics team contact you to confirm the course venue. The attendee is solely responsible for their flight and accommodation arrangements and costs. In the unlikely event ICD should have to cancel an event it will not be responsible for any costs incurred by attendees. ICD therefore recommends that clients purchase fully refundable air tickets and accommodation.
  1. Responsibility of Delegate
    • When a delegate is unable to attend a training course or workshop, s/he must inform our ICD Training Coordinator in writing no later than five days prior to the starting date of training.
    • Delegates will be required to sign the training attendance register on arrival.
    • Non- attendance will be monitored by the training coordinator.
    • Any queries concerning course material, content and facilitation of course shall be instantly communicated to the training coordinator so that solutions can be effected.
  1. ICD’s right to Cancel or Reschedule
    • ICD reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course or workshop
    • In the event that ICD cancels a course or workshop, a full refund of the amount paid for the course will be issued or applied as credit towards the rescheduled course.
    • ICD cannot and does not assume responsibility for any other costs like non- refundable air tickets or hotel reservations or damages or any lost profits resulting from ICD rescheduling the course.
  1. Non- compliance with ICD Cancellation Policy
    • While such a situation is not envisaged, organizations failing to comply with ICD Cancellation Policy will need to show credible basis for such non- compliance

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