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ICD is also providing services in partnership with International Institutions. These services are adding to ICD portfolio and enhancing the quality of the training and consultancy that ICD offers:

In collaboration with the International Trade Centre an arm on the World Trade Organisation and the United Nations, the Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) is offering the Modular Learning System on Supply Chain Management in Namibia. More details are obtainable from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is ITC’s Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management?


The MLS-SCM programme consists of a series of complete and up to date training packs on supply chain management and professional certification programme available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

The symbol signifies the power of purchasing which is one key element of this programme.

Translations into French and Arabic are under way and the full programme will be available in these two additional languages. Translations into Russian will start as soon as a suitable partner has been identified.

For more information download MLS-SCM Introduction Brochure

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